Blog Fade

Didn't take long did it? Couple-o-months of incisive posts, than nothing for 5 or 6 weeks. I am in danger of losing my 12 page views per month, unless I get my arse into gear.
I have an excuse, though - I blame the trees. The wonderful Mrs Slagg has been up here at "the other house" and helped me terminate approx 35 trees. Don't worry, green chums, there are still about 60-70 left (we have big gardens in Sweden).
And when my beautiful wife is here, I am not able / allowed to blog, for reasons that I outlined in post number 1.
Anyway, the upside of all this chain sawing, is that I have enough firewood for several years, a nice view of the river, and some precious sunlight reaching my beer drinking terrace. The downside is that I have crippling "tennis elbow" which makes even drinking a cup of tea quite painful.
Then on Monday, I will wave goodbye to all the cash that I earned, the last time that I had a proper job. This is because I will be receiving a brand new Nibe Vedex 3300 (turbo charged wood powered central heating boiler) to replace the 1964 vintage, not terribly efficient, heap of crap, currently languishing in the cellar.
Actually, my ex-girlfriend was a 1964 vintage, not terribly efficient, heap of crap. And she used to languish in the cellar.
The languishing was all voluntarily, I might add. This is Sweden, not Austria.
How does one "languish", anyway?
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